About The Project

The Dancing Georgina Project (DGP) is a dance initiative dedicated to the production of progressive and high caliber dance works. Fiscally sponsored by New York Live Arts The DGP is interested in collaborating with artists of all mediums to create work that is empowering, intelligent, and imaginative.

Formally organized by Kyle Georgina Marsh in 2015, as a means to further her creative interests, the project has been presented by The Moving Beauty Series, The New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Dixon Place, and Rutgers University. Additionally The DGP has participated in: Fertile Ground (2017), The Outlet Dance Project Dance on Film Fest (2015), WaxWorks (2017, 2015), Motion: New Dance Works (2013), Brooklyn UPSTART Festival (2012), Visiting Voices (2012), and The Gertrude Krause Choreography Competition in Jersualem, Israel (2012), among others.

Artist Statement

"My creative work is the body: how it moves and how it feels. Dance is a vehicle for communication, and I am invested in creating work that responds to the environments and cultural climates that surround me. As a woman, I feel driven to question the social and cultural roles of body, gender, identity, and sexuality. In this way, my creative process encourages me to to develop compassion for beliefs outside of my own. In the studio I want the act of creation to feel like an act of survival, tempting the innate intelligence that lives within the body to be realized." - Kyle Georgina Marsh

Company Mission

The Dancing Georgina Project is an artistic platform for the the production of socially responsive and conscious multimedia based dance works. Built around the belief that dance is a vehicle for communication The Dancing Georgina Project is committed to perpetuatating work that examins current social and cultural themes. Through the use of text, props, sounds, and movement it is our desire to create visually appealing and aesthetically meaningful dance-scapes.